The making of Media product #1

When we got the explanation of the first assignment, I got a little bit scared. I had never made a ”real” video before. Besides, telling my story about my relation with nature seemed kind of hard to do. I had thought a lot about what my story would be. But when I came further in the process I  started to find out what my real story is behind my relation to nature and why nature means so much to me. Verder lezen →

On a cabin trip to: Patchellhytta!

Monday, the 25th of September, 09:00, my adventure to patchellhytta began. A trip where we are supposed to carry all our stuff in a big backpack during a hike to the cabin for a stay of three days. For me the first time going on a hiking trip for more days with a backpack. So actually my adventure began the night before. What shall I bring? Is it all going to fit? Is my backpack going to be too heavy? Do I have too much stuff? Or not enough?Verder lezen →